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When Do We Celebrate Ikaleland Lest it Gets Angry; A call to Agagu at 60

And so on Femi Agagu’s 60th birthday, the entire entourage of Arakunrin Akeredolu, and Arakunrin Kekere Ajayi, were in Lagos to felicitate with him at a church programme. That is not my problem. Sailor, as he is fondly called, played his own part in the Ondo APC government emergence and it is good our bearded SAN should reciprocate kind gestures.
Now, here is my grouse. Femi Agagu, was the Chief of Staff to his elder brother Segun Agagu(Late), who was governor of Ondo State from 2003-2009. He benefitted immensely from that government and also inherited his brother’s army of followers. He is from Iju Odo in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State. His father was a prominent Chief in the town. His uncle, the Late revered Principal Baba Agagu, was also a man who helped moulded lives that conquered and still conquering in whatever they do. Ikale was/is loyal to the Agagu dynasty, as much as I hate to state it. And unfortunately, the current generation of Agagu’s are not doing enough to live up to expectations.
Femi Agagu’s house in Iju Odo is an eyesore. He has done little next to nothing in giving back to the area that beget him and gave him a platform to excel. His elder brother, of blessed memory, played his part. Started OSUSTECH(though on paper), kick-started Omotosho Power Plant (left it uncompleted before he left office), filled up Koto Igbala (a job he couldn’t complete while he was Deputy Governor), he tarred a large percentage of Okitipupa LG road (though left Iju-Odo roads untarred) and he couldn’t raise a single millionaire out of Osooro land (the ones who flourished while he was in power went broke just months after).
Ikaleland is undeveloped because our “arch-sons” prefer Lagos/Ibadan. I had expected Sailor to take a leaf from his Guest of Honour, Aketi, who celebrated his own 60th birthday in Owo. The crux of the matter has been why Ikale elites prefer away to home? and I have only one answer, they have no love lust for Ikaleland. None of them ever had their daughters given out at home. They are not proud of home. Even his in-law Segun Aiyerin, gave out his daughter in Lagos, someone who is what he is today because Ikale embraced him. All Segun Agagu’s daughters were churned out either in Ibadan or Lagos. Why can’t our elite learn from Oyinlola, Ibori, Alao-Akala etc, who developed their home towns. Must we continue like this?. The only time they identify with Ikaleland is during election and they come dangling money in our faces to take away our positions. Just like the current Alaga who is also a t’eko wa.
Don’t misconstrue me, I am not against traveling away or advocating they sit in Ikaleland all their lives. But they should identify with their root. Ikale is for us all and we will always need something from it or could it be that Sailor didn’t want his guests to know that his hometown has been without electricity for quite a while because they owe PHCN/BEDC?
Happy birthday Femi Agagu!
Wande T Ajayi writes from Uluton Osooro


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