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#APCOndoPrimaries: “Ondo People Are Bastards and Betrayals…They Collected Over N300million From Me and Gave 44 votes” – Ekungba, APC Guber Aspirant

One of the governorship aspirants of the APC in the just concluded primaries of the party in Ondo State, Jamiu Afolabi Ekungba came out of the venue of the primaries ranting, shouting and lamenting, vowing not to ever render any assistance to Ondo State indigenes now and in the future.

Why? Ekungba, who hails from Owo LGA of the state with the winner of the primaries Rotimi Akeredolu, said with fury and lamentation that the people of Ondo State collected his money and deceived him by failing to cast their votes for him in the primaries after spending millions of naira.

The Owo-born politician was lamenting bitterly to some journalists after storming out of The Dome, venue of the party primaries.

Ekungba, before storming out of the Dome was seen on the podium celebrating with Akeredolu after the latter was announced winner of the cash and carry election.

He said “I am highly disappointed in the people of Ondo, they are bastards and betrayals. They deceived me. I spent over N300million naira on reaching out to each of the delegates alone. Even before the primaries I have spent millions of naira. After collecting my money they gave me just 44votes.”

“From today I will never help any Ondo State indigene, I’ll rather give out my money to the Hausa beggars on the street.” Ekungba lamented

Aside Ekungba, about seven other aspirants also stormed out of the venue of the primaries in anger and lamentation after losing out in the race where the highest bidder emerged winner.

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  1. Its the result of wanting to be Governor, without ever haven been Councillor. But the apprenticeship fees is rather steep

  2. Because you are not a politician and sport man going to Olympics not mean you should come with gold …..

  3. raheemolatunji@gmail.com

    You can read from this!
    How can a nigerian politician who skipped through do the right thing for his people……..
    He must recover the money he spent plus interest first……
    We only blame politicians, it’s about time to blame the electorates too.

  4. Why are you making this statement?

  5. You never hala!

  6. If it was “Cash and Carry” Primary, then Jamiu Afolabi Ekungba should have won. The good people of Ondo State simply taught him the lesson of his life.

  7. Having through all your posts, it would seem to me you are jaundiced

  8. ‘Ondo people ‘ includes he himself, he wanted to buy and he was outsmarted, should go home and lick his wounds. Every wolf in Sherpa clothing, their secrets will never be covered in Nigeria o.

    • Bamidele folorunso

      If it were to be a “cash and carry” primary election, 300 million naira should have been able to buy more than 44 votes. So for Chief Ekungba to get just 44 votes after spending 300 million naira can only mean that forces greater than money was at play during the primary election. Those who intend to discredit the process by tagging it a “cash and carry election” should think twice.

    • It’s evil to collect cash from someone u won’t vote for. That is corruption. May be Akeredolu spent more money than others.

  9. Oun oju nwa, loju nri

  10. This man just came into politics, he don’t know the intrigues of the politics. Pls go and que your time is coming

  11. Arc Dr Ilesanmi O. S.

    It is really sad if Ekungba could lament in this manner, he needs to study politics played in Nigeria and everywhere, anything that involves money laundering for enticements is loto gambling, hence a game of head or tail, simple. He has gambled with his money. He invited himself into the game from no where, he needs nothing to lament about, he should learn from Abraham Lincoln experience to encourage him in coming again next time. He must have been mature enough in the project. Congratulations to him for his courage.

  12. he z jst a stupid politician,#300m nd u failed nd nw u er making noice saying u wil nt help ondo citizen,oga go die 4 hell

  13. Is he a bastard himself being an indigen of Ondo? Now who’s a bastard? He deserves even more than he’s shown

  14. The man suppose to be quarry of such money self, come to think of it spent #300m on primary alone, if eventually won the primary, how much will he spend to become the governor? How much will his salary be for the entire tenure he might be giving chance to rule? Politics is as good as a game if you fail now you win latter. He has finish his political carrier by his statement by calling them “bastard” betrayer might be acceptable in politics

  15. You mean such can also happen among the change agents, that we have people who can give and receive bribe. I thought this can only happen in the other parties?
    Before you go further to insult an entire state, first report yourself to the EFCC,explain why such amount of money was given and how you got all that millions used in the failed project
    You may also do well to tell them the source of your wealth.The good LORD shall bring the wickedness of the wicked to an end.

  16. My brother Ekungba, why must you spend money and bribe delegates to vote for you? We have to stop this type of frivolous spending during electioneering campaigns. We have spoit the delegates and that is the reason we are in this type of prolems we are in Nigeria. And to start with where did you get that huge amount to spend on delegates alone? Let all politicians stop this and let’s our goodwill be speaking for us not money.

  17. The outcome of a nation that jettisoned democracy and embraced a barbaric leadership style in this age and time. Let me assume that this guy did not say these words. I would rather use #300,000,000 to build infrastructure for my people like the responsible Igbos are doing in their communities than dancing dirty with politicians in this recessed economy.

  18. how would the masses reap the dividends of democracy with this kind of stupid politics we play in the country where such a huge amount of money was allowed to trade hands during primaries, most especially Apc that claimed to be agent of change. this is madness

  19. This man is a joke. If you don’t help them others are ready to help. Are you God? Do you know tomorrow? What do you have that others don’t have? What man has done man can do. What man can do man has done. The man is not well cultured and not well manered.

  20. You are a rogue to have thought of buying your way into relevance and later loot the state dry recouping your investment.

  21. prince oloruntoba.s.peter

    With all due respect sir’
    You are the real bastard here
    That is my ppl for you’
    we dont give damn down fucking on money for our dignity.
    Big lessson.

  22. Ronke Adebayo Adekolu

    I am from owo, it is sad to hear u say they collected 300m from you on just primary elections, my brother this money wasn’t collected it was given out, did anyone force this money out from you ni? That is saara on your path. Next time you will invest your money on better things .

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